We place great emphasis on the traceability and sustainability of all the components we use in our manufacturing. Our main focus is Timber for frame construction and Leather for upholstery covers. These two products themselves represent the worldwide threat of deforestation and poor Animal welfare.

Leather is a by-product of the meat industry, we are very conscious of the potential to source from suppliers where there is a risk of animal mistreatment and, due to this risk, have embarked on a joint project with the British Leather Technology Centre (BLC) to comprehensively map our complete leather supply chain to ensure we only source from suppliers with high ethical standards of animal welfare. We have informed all our Tier 1 suppliers that, they must, by end 2020, obtain membership to te Leather Working Group and must reach at least the Bronze standard in the environmental audit carried out by the LWG. Currently, 9 of our suppliers, hold Gold level LWG status.

Timber – Since the introduction of the European Union Timber Regulations in 2013 and other similar Regulations in other parts of the world, we have solely sourced our timber inventory from sustainable sources.And Premier has got relevant certification for the chain of custody with certificate number DNV-COC-002187.

Eco – Friendly Packaging

We have introduced a no plastic, no polystyrene option to packaging. We have a non-woven dust bag and quilted bag option (manufactured from 100% clean recycled material) along with the cupboard carton which can be recycled by the end user or retailer (recycle value of £80-£100 per ton). This option also offers maximum protection from scuffs and scratches on delivery.

Premier′s commitment to protect the environment with the introduction of our Eco-Friendly Packaging.